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Intellectual Beauty


The intellectual beauty of an Ivy League cutie with a petite hour glass shape an a booty she’s my intellectual Gucci.
Superior quality of an ivy league beauty the brilliance and resilience of a mastermind she’s one of a kind a fashion in time.
The elegance to grace the beautiful face of an intellectual beauty she’s grand on life’s scale Princeton Harvard and Yale impale compared to her scales she’s my intellectual Gucci she’s the Ivy League cutie.
She’s a fashion of our time, the intellectual beauty resilience of brilliance in my intellectual Gucci rather than a hoochie . The beauty of an intellectual mind, resilience in a baffling brilliance. The artist of arts the provocative kind, she’s one of a kind.

The beauty of elegance in grace, her beautiful face love is but a crime. The pondering mind is wandering around hovering an pandering the prophets in profits of capital in a personal gain.
She’s the fashion in time, a model sculpture of petite hour glass shape.
Lively romance I never could have your photograph a photographer of pictured beauty.

Persuasive beauty of life’s grace & elegance in harmony.  Symphonies to dancing ballerinas in a mythical dance. Princess of silhouettes shadow’s of beauty in timed romance. She bellows mythical wisdoms of an intellectual Gucci, ive league cutie.
Her persuasive elegance swept ballroom floor’s she’s to adore on the dance floor.
Procuring graceful harmonies she prances through crowd’s dances  faster ballroom blitz.
Architect to the star studded sky’s she romances swagger, kisses the cherished lips. Ive league cutie my intellectual Gucci.

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  1. ahhsioux

    I want to hear this song. I have shivers going up and down my legs as I write this. Pleaaaaze.

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    January 16, 2015 at 17:20

    • I’m not a singer however it would make a great song

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      January 16, 2015 at 21:24

      • ahhsioux

        Yes it would!

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        January 16, 2015 at 21:39