Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Flame flickers Dedicated, Born this way.


When the flame of passion
flickers out.
Seducing the mind & ravaging
the body.

Sweeping the rhyme of reason
precluding nothing of the
mind’s ability.

Only desire can reignite
the flame of burning passion.

The unique ticking & clicking of
a timed artist’s internal clock.

Sediments of heart impede
causing sentiment of

The mythic raises the bet
then doubles down
drawing blind faith,
to one’s own unique

The artist worldwide seeking philosophical philosophies of one’s own
creative genius.

Greatest scientific discovery
ever the science of
own self.

Yelding the greatest masterpiece
of a timed artist in life.
Humming exhilarating symphonies
of spiritual words playing
philosophical verbs.

Tuning extraordinary words
to the pitch of whistling
harmonies in precarious

Savoring every last tuning
pitch tuned without a hitch
Every feverish pitch.

You’ll never miss the
explicit words sounding
extraordinary rejoices
Of voices.

Whispering sweet melodies
of exotic bliss to a
feverous pitch.

Fulfilling extraordinary minds
with symphonies of chaotic chimes
the harmony of design.

Beauty of syllables spaces paces existing
filling emptiness with exotic rhymes
Blending splendid designs.

Orchestra tuning abstract lines
facilitating beauty of twin designs
the flavor in a harmony of time.

The elegance of twin designs
rhyming a single wisdom.
Fulfilling philosophy
With wizardrii.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
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    May 3, 2015 at 15:24

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    May 3, 2015 at 16:05

  10. Excellent read, while Lady Gaga is good. I like Lady Godiva better 🙂

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    May 4, 2015 at 00:39