Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Ink’s Bleeding Spilling


Spilling a stampede of ink’s prisms in brilliant
words infusing a Poet’s thoughts.
Conveying creativity to provocative
imaginations .

Implicitly complying to isolating reality
Creating new dimensions where
Clock’s spilling time’s perceptions living
the moment of now forever.
Clockwise wisdom from wicked word’s
of a Crazy mind.

Philosophically our minds process symphonies
of orchestrated word’s allowing cognitive man
to stay in harmony with the mind & body
a climax of our souls.
Mind the symphony insane insanity
orchestrated by the body in climax.

Words infuse a person’s thoughts.
Emotions are expressed by the pitch of spoken word’s.
Words communicate & body language speaks
emotions relative to the words
infused of a person’s thinking.

Wisdom can be found reading in between the lines.
A paragraph of powerful catchphrases speaks
melodies of a catchy tune & flowers of imaginations

Philosophy is ergonomics of the mind.
Urban legends in the suburbs.
Sounds of absurd check out the proverbs.

Cognition is a subject of cognitive man.
Premonitions are permissions of man’s cognition.
Relative to the fixed position.
Precognition is a psychic’s dream
an heard but not seen.

Culture is a reflection of society’s ideology
theories of mythology in series of theologies.
Hypothetical theories query a qued question.

The clocks bleeding times perception
of dimensions in galaxies
light year’s away.

Romeo’s an architect of accentuating
love’s aesthetics in romance.

Twice pleasing to appeasing
sentiments in orchestra’s
of delinquent eye’s to witnesses.

Accentuating abstracts in non-conformities
designs contemporary aesthetics
in modern times.

Contemplating exquisite elegance unique
powers doubling my mind’s conspiracy
of forwarding complex sediments.

Orchestrated the dynamics  time playing
noteworthy scales of creativity

All the syllables in a kilogram of lines,
echoing grams of killer dope words whispering
persuasive complexity.

A mythic’s chanting elegant wizardrtrii
enchanting ageless philosophies elegance of
life’s angelic orchids of ageless wisdom’s.

★U N I V € R S € ☆
    °O ₩ N S € £ F°
Pen’s Broadcasting Brilliance
     21st century’s Poet
# WickedRomancer
#poet #poetry #poem

★U N I V € R S € ☆
°O ₩ N S € £ F°
Pen’s Broadcasting Brilliance
21st century’s Poet
#poet #poetry #poem

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