Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Artist of Hearts


Artist of a provocative heart, the seasoned heart of a seasonal art.
The provocative through the lens of a pictured pose.
The provocative strut of an artistical heart.
Paints the beauty of love in a provocative proposal.
The artist of a provocative art mend’s and bends the unconditional virtues of Love’s affected Art.
Mending and bending the splendid abstracts of a provocative love.
The effects of love provocative proposed perfected
Color my emotions draw the distinct beauties of my heart.
Artist of my heart mends and bends the contours of my heart.
A provocative elegance to strike a pose, photograph of a provocative art.
You mend an blend my heart’s content.
The way you ship shape my love.
Paint my emotional word’s
Better than before.
Shape my love better than before
paint the abstract way’s

Color’s of my love’s provocative art,
The color of a provocative heart
Hear the roar of my thunder
King of provocative heart’s
Artist of heart’s

Your provocative love jump starts the bleeding heart.
Hear the roar of my provocative Heart
The artist’s of a heart’s abstract

Pain its the artistry of a contemporary start, live love with the sweat of fears. Artist mending an bending the abstracts of my heart.
The artist of my heart, keeps the Swift breeze on my sleeves.
The abstracts of a colored heart,  the artistry of a provocative art.
Jumpstart the piercing pain of a wicked demise the cover in disguise of a wicked compromise.
Brilliant color’s display wicked abstracts of my provocative heart.
Paint the abstract colors of an emotional heart, provocative artist paints emotional thoughts.
The prestigious mind shapes the contours of love’s blended abstracts.
Splendid blends of a artistic thought succulent persuasive cycles of an emotional start.
Aromas to the therapeutic beauties in provocative art’s owners of an abstract heart.

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