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Wicked witches of wicked romancer


Wicked crooked walk in a wicked way around the witches waste in which only a witch can display. The wickedness of holy witness in wickedness unique wicked ways double ditch the witch of unique wickedness as she displays her wickedness. The eyes stick two witnesses bearing the sticks of wicked ways double the dismay ever the wicked way she’s a wicked mistress in which witness is her way. She bears false witness with wicked witches lying the wicked howling way of prowling dismaying wickidtree in weak weakness dismissing the weakness for sweetness as a unique witness of wickedness.

Sier’s desires the full body cylindrical of a witches theoretical in two double wicked ways the romancer gives the prancing queen of wickedness a dance in the ballroom on the wicked dance floor with a wicked slithering way.
The witch dances with the Wiccan romancer in a wicked way double dutch flip flop hopscotch to the wicked way shall we dance a little wicked romance in wicker tree my wizard like chance of wicked praises becomes a fruitful wicked way to taste like s beauty in wicked ways I can number the displays ever which neither of which are wicked but holy speak its a wicked weakness. Wicked by the walk of the wait it’s a wicked way to formulate make occupational theories by complex complications are computational formulas of sediments, spickets of funneling F it’s splitting romantical theories by spitz mightiest glory.

Crawling crooked walks sways neither swagger a peaceful drunken stagger bumping bliss of sure wickedness her mistress in misfortunes of wicked theories. Capitalize in profitable widths last weeks wickedness a witches bliss of weakness by sways neither Sier’s desires.
Persuade the mending fears transducing love’s beauty singing songs a cheerful bliss. Silhouette’s shadows of horizons  wicked weakness in life’s prestigious mind’s wicked stays in conceptual writes theories of historical queries. Wiser Wisdoms complies complex computational formulas of sediments cleansing & adhering sticky tounges speaking sticky stuff.
Chandeliers bundles the lighted wickedness a permier of broadcasting wickedness world’s largest streaming star’s steaming lights. Succulent sweet fruits smells like spirit’s of therapeutic romance, roams words dictating pandering prolific poetry’s eyes directions sticking eyewitnesses.  Romaner to love Sier’s desires struts of burning fires designs service’s.

Claireonets click flutes playing clock’s ticks clicks notes musical way’s. Stuttering the crooked line speaks the wicked miss of a crooked line the mistress of a mess with stress the conglomerations of courses colleague’s with mistresse’s, persuasive elegance of the administrative, nights lights bright star’s chandeliers lighting new premieres starring reruns every word phrases an cycles of the new premiere.
Broadcasting the telemarketing a texting protocols of theaters in dramas of the word plays dramatizations of dramatic swift word’s spoken emotional drama’s mere scripts of seattle’s crunchy thetratical drama’s of theological riffs crunchy grudges Nirvana’s studed premieres .
Words are complex phrases psychological dramas mere directions of worded phrases, facets of poet’s succulent phrases fast thinkings blinkings abstracts to psychological delemas, glamorous phrases worded  ways stagger a drunken poet’s stagger crossing the personalities of poetic swagger.
Wikid swift spits paces are face’s places way’s to the extention allowed imagination of readers reminded dreams are dramas mere architect’s of creations crafty way’s in which ways are displays of wicked words wizards crafty in crazy cruses.
Profoundly obscure inpeeds speddy word’s directions of psychological reductions to creations this crazy maze. Therapeutics in romantic place’s the artist of arictects build bricks in architectural’s a wonders places love’s unconditional virtues.
Silhouettes persuading vitures of prophets phrases temple’s of Sier’s designs wickidtree crooked sticks wikid lengths sticks of wickedness more wikid than nest of wicked past passions pictures photographs of the heart.
The wisdom of artists, but I hold such with question’s adoring anticipations upon mere perception due eyes beholding such beauty. Persuaded heart’s charms further fulfilling my heart’s passionate desire, Psychological thriller dilemmas demise by the geographical demographics historical comedy writing the words, fires tones burning burdens squarely words are phrases. Championed poet’s cherished personalities of emotional cycles changing physics into intoxicating swaggers,  crossing lines webels wobble never been easier to sway.

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