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The relationship ( Classic )


I will whisper the precious words in your ear.. When I see you start to cry, your tears are piercing pains of my heart.
Now gently remove the jar let’s talk, & listen to each others pain, we can see each of our faults let’s face together gentlyley.. Let’s write the story about our love life & stare in each others eyes spoken
words neither of us, too scared its harmony in Love.. It will bring back the flow in love,  gently kiss speaking a million words, without a voice between two lips, hold my face upon your chest,  tilt my head let me listen to your heart, its my love,  I hear gently we fall asleep hand in hand arm in arm love..

Imperfections to love a perfect imperfection is a soul where every day is  learning. We come to know what we love by an imperfection we see our imperfections of own self.
We become for ever  entangled as a couple seeking better for each other and own self..
We learn our own self by compromise, we seek others 4 excitement it’s the knowledge worthy of every soul..
Acceptance becomes a personality of happiness with the simplest of joys..
Chicken Soup for the Soul when the heart aches no license to live forever.. Timeless love holding entral spiritual energies forever entangled taking our spot in the Universe as spiritual energies..

We make commitments together the commitment for “our relationship” for both of us to grow spiritually, & shrare opportunities of a lifetime with each other.. Unconditional love and unconditional due all imperfections as husband and wife, acceptance as loving couple forever energies spiritually connected.♡♥

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