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Waiting to be justified ( Classic )


“Waiting To Be Justified’
This tale is a curse of mine, for the wicked not the frail.
Pain paints a new reality in contemporary lines of a very modern design.
The treachery in a verse, the phrases of a sacred curse
A fortune in reverse the misfortune of pains wicked curse.
A lifetime of mistakes & misfortunes a wicked compromise with a deceitful demise.
The Devil in disguise the attribute of a dispute.
Pain the artistry of the wicked by cover of disguise pains reality with no compromise.

The treachery of pain with the wicked by a demise of cover in disguise.
Pain has the preference of none but the circumference of one.
Pain has no compromise by the willing who live the wicked demise of the curse.
The curse of the few a life to traverse pain without being coerce
Be it by flesh or spirit bewitched by pain or something worst
The cure to fight this curse of insensitive worth is in a cross
Oh labyrinth of meditative responsibility unfold in me tranquility
Objectivity of my imprisoned soul I dream of the unmasking
Removal of my curse as I persevere hammering away at eternity
Searching for me far away for the devils grasp
I am a dreamer doing life waiting to be justified.

By Terry Upham and Carlos Gomez 1-29-2015

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  1. Heartafire

    very cool!

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  2. Wow ……. keep up the dreamers work!


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  4. As always creative, always awesome 🙂

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  5. Wonderful evocative poetry and the pic of a very young, black and white, Twig the Wonder Kid (David Bowie’s description seems apt) is awesome.

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  7. I have interest in some one special to me if you want to know she’s her own self


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