Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

American Swagger

  1. wp-1449423245562.gifCombustible rhymes pivoting
    on squaring an comparing
    functionalities of reality.
  2. American Swagger sharp
    double edge dagger staggering
    crooked designs dexterity of my
    crazy Mind.
  3. Don’t Panic I’m organic
    synthetic lines architecture
    of my rhymes.
  4. Flavors to savor tasty bite sized
    morsels of wisdom.Wicked Romancer an architect
    accentuating synthetic lines
    architecture of my leadership
    in rhymes.
  5. Combustible & pivoting on
    dimes systems of my provocative
    Mind’s twice red beans an rice.Quadrupling combustible
    rhymes pivoting & riveting
    stories told behold.
    6.Orchestras playing
    symphonies of ife’s musical
    melodies in optical scales.



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