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The world according to Terry Upham

I’m a pro-active leader I engage my self in all the things that I love.
I believe in listening to everyone who has a voice of reason.
I’m big on ideas even if it’s just part of an idea I can use.
I ask questions about everything I’m unsure of.
I don’t know everything about anything so I always empower people through their own expertise and experience.
Leave nothing off the table with me. I ENJOY HELPING! !
Get us out in front of the problem and tell me I’m wrong


when I’m wrong. Absolutely positively NO YES PERSON STRAIGHT UP!!.
I’m fanatics about my job but I love having fun while doing my job.
We work hard I EXPECT to play HARDER..
If were not having fun & making mistakes with doing something wrong.
I EXPECT screw ups and downs bank on mine.
if you think it’s bad I’ve done worse FACTS OF LIFE!!
I love to reward reward in public.
I hand out medals to those that deserve.
I’m on camera talking about how great my people are you’ll see.
Foward looking for the next item on the agenda an future’s tasking.
I’m not a great preper but I know how to organize and optimize.
People like my style I’m always the expert reference but I recognize subject matter experts in leadership.

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