Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue


Plotting Conspiracy


Plotting conspiracy theories in conspicuous wizardrtrii
Synthesizing synthetic lines pivoting combustible Rhymes accentuating the appealing aesthetics of my mythical pen’s outrageous & highly contagious viral venom ingenious strokes in engineering creativity. Significantly mesmerizing elegance in commentating an exquisite multi-faceted showstopping journey of life’s wicked minds &  brilliant prisms of pleasurable thoughts.

Installing extentions of 5th dimensions in imaginations
Alluring isolated reality creativity of these new realities installs functionality of galaxies light year’s away.
Pivoting philosophy morphing the present to the past in time’s epiphany of forever the elegant word indulges minds with pleasantries of distinct & unique physiology of a crazy mind.
The aesthetics of aesthetically appealing & pleasing rhymes with the philosophy of time
Teasing & pleasing sences of pleading an breeding succeeding reading rhymes.
Mesmerizing commitments to commemorating seductive line’s provocative mind’s smearing provoking rhymes in simplistic designs.
Pioneering spiritual spitz tunneling & funneling tasty bits calling it F it’s before quits.

Synthesizing astringent line’s to appealing astectics in symphonies of mesmerizing rhymes philosophizing hypnotizing the streamlining ergonomics of unique philosophies & exquisite wizardrii overshadows ageless wisdom’s in life’s glitzy glamor nailing the wicked stammer like a hammer.

Perpetuating the series of theories in questioning the hypotheticals theoretically providing suggestions for digestion looking for the resurrection of perfection in protection of my cancer like rhymes rotting an plotting tales of the weak and frail as my rhymes twist and burn leaving your smoldering ashes in stashes of an ern.

Spicy rhymes with a twist you can’t resist I persist.
Taunting an daunting rhymes flaunting an haunting provocative mind’s. My Pen’s viral venom is contagious & highly neurotoxic smearing sediments of toxic designs.
Ink spilling mythical rhymes of immense & intense intoxicating swagger a multi faceted physique in unique aesthetics of neurological lines.

Profusely sweating neurotoxic rhymes aesthetics in synthetic line’s.
Alter ego’s architect in the aesthetics of synthesizing astringent lines haunting & daunting while flaunting provocative mind’s. 
Smearing splendid blends of abstract colors mythical designs commemorating commitments to a devotion of shocking emotions aesthetics of Payne seats the audience.

Colorful expressions paints the new moon phases a prism of colorful emotions colors negativity.

Passionate word’s empower yeilding change as transformative power.
Never underestimate the power of passionate word’s in the world of spilling word’s change is inspirational & most powerful of any transformative power.

Wicked Romancer an architect of fashioning astectics of a philosophical crazy mind rewinding history’s mysteries puzzles of the unknown.
Symphonies synthesizing echo’s of exquisitely unique physiques in a sharp multi-faceted swagger.
Seductive whispers echo harmonies sounding tranquility qualities of one’s own unique virtue’s.

Equities in equality aesthetically pleasing architecture silhouettes overshadowing beauty’s of heart.
Whispering wind’s howling different sentiments of a thousand thoughts & echo’s philosophy.

Spilling ink in strokes of ingenious creativity brilliant prisms sparking colorful expressions of every written line.
Broadcasting tonight’s premier as yesterday’s retrospectives in a early feature streaming this premier.

My word’s weave the fabric of time
morphing present to the past in a fast flash.
Spilling ink faster than a blinking eye
accentuating the aesthetically pleasing fashion with a promiscuous passion.
Synthesizing the aesthetics of an appealing provocative mind with stringent lines provoking the architecture of an appealing design unique exquisitrii statically pleasing the exquisite eccentric wizardry of a multifaceted physique in sharp poetic swagger.

           ®O₩N~§ € £ F€º
    Pen’s Broadcasting
    21st century’s Poet
    #poetry #poem

★U N I V € R S € ☆
°O ₩ N S € £ F°
Pen’s Broadcasting Brilliance
21st century’s Poet
#poet #poetry #poem