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Wicked witches of wicked romancer


Wicked crooked walk in a wicked way around the witches waste in which only a witch can display. The wickedness of holy witness in wickedness unique wicked ways double ditch the witch of unique wickedness as she displays her wickedness. The eyes stick two witnesses bearing the sticks of wicked ways double the dismay ever the wicked way she’s a wicked mistress in which witness is her way. She bears false witness with wicked witches lying the wicked howling way of prowling dismaying wickidtree in weak weakness dismissing the weakness for sweetness as a unique witness of wickedness.

Sier’s desires the full body cylindrical of a witches theoretical in two double wicked ways the romancer gives the prancing queen of wickedness a dance in the ballroom on the wicked dance floor with a wicked slithering way.
The witch dances with the Wiccan romancer in a wicked way double dutch flip flop hopscotch to the wicked way shall we dance a little wicked romance in wicker tree my wizard like chance of wicked praises becomes a fruitful wicked way to taste like s beauty in wicked ways I can number the displays ever which neither of which are wicked but holy speak its a wicked weakness. Wicked by the walk of the wait it’s a wicked way to formulate make occupational theories by complex complications are computational formulas of sediments, spickets of funneling F it’s splitting romantical theories by spitz mightiest glory.

Crawling crooked walks sways neither swagger a peaceful drunken stagger bumping bliss of sure wickedness her mistress in misfortunes of wicked theories. Capitalize in profitable widths last weeks wickedness a witches bliss of weakness by sways neither Sier’s desires.
Persuade the mending fears transducing love’s beauty singing songs a cheerful bliss. Silhouette’s shadows of horizons  wicked weakness in life’s prestigious mind’s wicked stays in conceptual writes theories of historical queries. Wiser Wisdoms complies complex computational formulas of sediments cleansing & adhering sticky tounges speaking sticky stuff.
Chandeliers bundles the lighted wickedness a permier of broadcasting wickedness world’s largest streaming star’s steaming lights. Succulent sweet fruits smells like spirit’s of therapeutic romance, roams words dictating pandering prolific poetry’s eyes directions sticking eyewitnesses.  Romaner to love Sier’s desires struts of burning fires designs service’s.

Claireonets click flutes playing clock’s ticks clicks notes musical way’s. Stuttering the crooked line speaks the wicked miss of a crooked line the mistress of a mess with stress the conglomerations of courses colleague’s with mistresse’s, persuasive elegance of the administrative, nights lights bright star’s chandeliers lighting new premieres starring reruns every word phrases an cycles of the new premiere.
Broadcasting the telemarketing a texting protocols of theaters in dramas of the word plays dramatizations of dramatic swift word’s spoken emotional drama’s mere scripts of seattle’s crunchy thetratical drama’s of theological riffs crunchy grudges Nirvana’s studed premieres .
Words are complex phrases psychological dramas mere directions of worded phrases, facets of poet’s succulent phrases fast thinkings blinkings abstracts to psychological delemas, glamorous phrases worded  ways stagger a drunken poet’s stagger crossing the personalities of poetic swagger.
Wikid swift spits paces are face’s places way’s to the extention allowed imagination of readers reminded dreams are dramas mere architect’s of creations crafty way’s in which ways are displays of wicked words wizards crafty in crazy cruses.
Profoundly obscure inpeeds speddy word’s directions of psychological reductions to creations this crazy maze. Therapeutics in romantic place’s the artist of arictects build bricks in architectural’s a wonders places love’s unconditional virtues.
Silhouettes persuading vitures of prophets phrases temple’s of Sier’s designs wickidtree crooked sticks wikid lengths sticks of wickedness more wikid than nest of wicked past passions pictures photographs of the heart.
The wisdom of artists, but I hold such with question’s adoring anticipations upon mere perception due eyes beholding such beauty. Persuaded heart’s charms further fulfilling my heart’s passionate desire, Psychological thriller dilemmas demise by the geographical demographics historical comedy writing the words, fires tones burning burdens squarely words are phrases. Championed poet’s cherished personalities of emotional cycles changing physics into intoxicating swaggers,  crossing lines webels wobble never been easier to sway.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
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The beginning of wicked Romacer

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer



I spit & split the philosophy
               of time.
The father of a passionate rhyme
Slicing and dicing
the physics in halftime.

Rewinding the second hand of time
I spit the unique passions of desires.

My sattire double the unique attire
              of my rhymes.
The beauty of my passions
        stays in fashion.

Rewinding passions time
I slice &dice the physics of
a provocative rhyme.

The scientific discoveries
behind the physics of my rhyme.

I spit & split mountains
of youths fountains.
My lines come in four flavors 
different seasons are the reason’s.

Spicy spits of life with twice 
provoking rhymes facilitating
the dexterity with twice the polarity.

Unique mystique feel the physique of my lines.
Mythic with provocative rhymes
advast steer clear of this l
lyrical Pioneer building mystikal lines
splitting the physics of time.

Twice the dedication for the
preservation of my unique rhymes.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

I’m Unique (Classic )


I’m unique a
poet with a mystique pen
My flaws are facets
of a cherished personality.
Mystic & unique
critiques of a mythic
with uniqueness.

One unique
no two of a kind
A single pair
in which I wear.
Uniqueness on the sleeve
to appease and please.

Grateful for all the stares
in which I don’t care
I’m unique.

I conform to none
the uniqueness of one
I  preclude what you include.
Full of mystique quite unique,
of a mystic with a mystical pen.

I include what society precludes
I’m mystique the most unique yeah
that’s my swagger that’s me.
I’m unique

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Retrospective view’s of Crazy mind’s


There’s retrospective view’s of
this prestigious “Crazy Mind”.

A mythical Poet changing world wide sentence’s
seeking worldwide philosophical philosophies
ambitions of “Crazy mind’s “.

Provocative Artist transducing
          fear to fevers,
mending an bending hour’s to love.

Conceptions of “Crazy mind’s”
     it’s crazy thinking
Roming conceptually crazy mind’s 

Philosopher of life’s
philosophical philosophies
           a personal
fee in which life agrees.

Insane insanity my forever
fashion in crazy vanity
   fashionable for
              “Crazy mind’s”

Writing Fascinating script’s,
In life’s crazy line’s
mesmerizing my
  life & time’s.

imaginations allures
stalkings of crazy mind’s

The world is ever full of crazy.
Crazy mind’s & crazy love.
Fulfilling crazy mind’s
seeking unique critiques.

One unique crazy mind
no two of this crazy kind.

A single pair in which I
wear crazy on my sleeves
to appease & please
grateful for all the crazy stares.

Philosophical craziest mind’s
are master’s of mind.

Accentuating aesthetics of
Crazy mind’s luxurious vanities
in crazy time’s.

★U N I V € R S € ☆
    °O ₩ N S € £ F°
Pen’s Broadcasting Brilliance
     21st century’s Poet
#poet #poetry #poem

Artist mending ( Classic )


The artist works mending fears transducing hours to love, live love with the sweat of fears. Rome’s architectural wonder the poet’s precise sculpture of a wordsmiths glamour struts the catwalk with a book 2 premiere, lives on set, broadcasting his heart to revere. Prince’s of prancnig dressing rooms.
Broadways Street of dramatic dramas, of elterically shocking emotions paints new moon phases, mixture of Picasso’s colors a dramatization of pain seats the audience. Photographer of a pictured humanity, colors rainbows of negativity with brilliant prisms a King to lion’s spiritual pride.
Brilliance of a star, rearrange the theater’s of studed premieres, lives with sentiments of love’s lifetime unconditionally the greatest of philosophy.
Unique elegance of Sun setting romance blinding the artist of a premiering wedding, preaching the marriage of universal energy. Rays of hope displaying poetry of wholehearted hearted beauty. The statue of persuasive values premiering spiritually harmonies the elegance of mankind. Energies of unleashed imaginations, dreaming of pots of gold, loving the insecurities of the worlds diversity walks the testimony of £ove.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Ink’s Bleeding Spilling


Spilling a stampede of ink’s prisms in brilliant
words infusing a Poet’s thoughts.
Conveying creativity to provocative
imaginations .

Implicitly complying to isolating reality
Creating new dimensions where
Clock’s spilling time’s perceptions living
the moment of now forever.
Clockwise wisdom from wicked word’s
of a Crazy mind.

Philosophically our minds process symphonies
of orchestrated word’s allowing cognitive man
to stay in harmony with the mind & body
a climax of our souls.
Mind the symphony insane insanity
orchestrated by the body in climax.

Words infuse a person’s thoughts.
Emotions are expressed by the pitch of spoken word’s.
Words communicate & body language speaks
emotions relative to the words
infused of a person’s thinking.

Wisdom can be found reading in between the lines.
A paragraph of powerful catchphrases speaks
melodies of a catchy tune & flowers of imaginations

Philosophy is ergonomics of the mind.
Urban legends in the suburbs.
Sounds of absurd check out the proverbs.

Cognition is a subject of cognitive man.
Premonitions are permissions of man’s cognition.
Relative to the fixed position.
Precognition is a psychic’s dream
an heard but not seen.

Culture is a reflection of society’s ideology
theories of mythology in series of theologies.
Hypothetical theories query a qued question.

The clocks bleeding times perception
of dimensions in galaxies
light year’s away.

Romeo’s an architect of accentuating
love’s aesthetics in romance.

Twice pleasing to appeasing
sentiments in orchestra’s
of delinquent eye’s to witnesses.

Accentuating abstracts in non-conformities
designs contemporary aesthetics
in modern times.

Contemplating exquisite elegance unique
powers doubling my mind’s conspiracy
of forwarding complex sediments.

Orchestrated the dynamics  time playing
noteworthy scales of creativity

All the syllables in a kilogram of lines,
echoing grams of killer dope words whispering
persuasive complexity.

A mythic’s chanting elegant wizardrtrii
enchanting ageless philosophies elegance of
life’s angelic orchids of ageless wisdom’s.

★U N I V € R S € ☆
    °O ₩ N S € £ F°
Pen’s Broadcasting Brilliance
     21st century’s Poet
# WickedRomancer
#poet #poetry #poem

★U N I V € R S € ☆
°O ₩ N S € £ F°
Pen’s Broadcasting Brilliance
21st century’s Poet
#poet #poetry #poem

Spirts hero’s of the hearts


This Is the un told hero of  hearts the truth of every soul the beauties of everybody’s heart a rhythm, in truth be told hope & of untold uniqueness of  surviving the untold beauties of beauties of a hero’s journey

Here’s a beauty take the ride the hero’s journey of a ride..

Just when you think the drama is about to unfold,  know your dreams of love ever seems to hard continue, truth be told always follow your dreams, to hold and unfold, the truth a stronghold.
Look inside feel & see a true hero is inside, cast aside your fears allow and reside the ride  & continue a hero’s journey take it with you wherever  the journey, allow whats inside the beauties of a true soul the greatest heroes resides with the beauties of you and me ever the beauty never anything to be more beautiful a spirit ever  brightest to be..
Cast your fears aside strength where it resides continue Let it Ride the hero’s journey of a  beautiful stride the beauties of every spirit a Hero’s Journey ride.

Here’s a beautiful ride a journey of the heroes spiritual ride .

Every soul’s beauty of you & me, ever the ocean tides a beauty of Mother Earths here in lifes beautiful journey, allow the soul ever to be the brightest it could ever be the brighter of brightest stars a beauty to see here in a journey of the Heroes ride ever the sou’l the spirit & pride the journeys of a hero’s ride.
           [ Interconnected  ]
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      ☆®O₩N~§ € £ F €º★


Love persuasively

Profoundly petite preponderance due eyes beholding such beauty Persuaded eyes mier simple perception of beauty. Stature hourglass shapes a persuasive body proceeds preponderance of mind’s.
Pleasing sweet aromas, succulent perfumes persuade my perceptions leaving senses weakend.

Proceeding seeing such beautiful elegance sheer silhouette Goddess of body’s . Peering two eyes, gazing at the Beauty, the best brilliance any mastermind at a gaze preponderance of what’s to be an sees a beauty of honor elegance sleek ever beautiful body.

Persuasive & very perceptive a flame burning desire of passion rearranges thoughts to persuasive seeking the devilish action, breathing hearing the hints of passions flaming with desires of devilish power ..
Panting increased fluttering of my hearts, adoring silhouette a Greek goddess. A body shape adored by the Godess of silhouettes, persuasive sexual mixtures purcuring the persuasive music, mier site of your dance & silhouette ensures pandering eye’s a smier of persuasive beauty.
To look at another beauty would this be the most abundant prudent preponderance of any mind.
My darling why you are rare In the rareist of blooms my heart’s is in seasons awaiting the sweet smells of perfume of your beauties.
I shall Inhale I can taste my desire simple hints of such I admire starts passions of your beauty makes the raging blood of mine boil.

I now foucus upon one’s own life I ask for much more racing roses In such passions makes a strong Alpha weak to simple ponder your beauty masks my masculinity wi persuasiveness such to adore.
Only roses of my temptations with sweet air te pufume of arouma arouses my every sences awakening beasts of a mans devilish seekings.

Unfulfilled at a gaze of desires my admiration of such a pleasure is not of mine but I hold such with questions no anticipation is in site upon your beauty the rose is graced with shadows at times of no desire passion rearranges ones life man has desire.

[ Interconnected ]
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☆®O₩N~§ € £ F €º★

Mere Spider.


My rhymes are dimes all throughout the pages of history in time.
Diamonds of Dimes uniquely dexterity by the multifaceted perception you perceive.

Functions of diamonds dazzling brilliance unique to every facet of brilliancy lighting the star’s elegance changing the script of life one word at a time.

Double back flipping forwarding the traversing abilities in words traversing the verbs.
By changing the proverbial word
in a proverbial way no matter
which day you must always pray.

Take the philosophical profits
The elegance of orchids in
wisdoms to life’s journey

Microns of my rhymes kick the facet of times
you need diamonds elegance by dexterity
Echoing microns if distinctive line’s
Customary for futuristic designs
Conformity to dynamic dexterity to the uniqueness of transversing the abilities in words uniquely deceiving the perceptions.
You perceive to be the windows of an imagination are the words protruding from the back of your mind.

My words are spiders crawling through the cracks of every word of uniqueness. The words cracked tranquility by provoking jesters of multifaceted dexterity.

Thoughts give way to Swift succulent breezes of emotional stages elegance with thinking thoughts with speed and dexterity and unique complexity of the emotional state feelings of thought thinking crying perceiving the idea of reality.
Persuasive but not elusive of to the emotional stages.

My words are persuasive elusive suggestions by the propensity of complex diversity.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Echo Sound’s


Echo the sounds of destiny chimes of noteworthy wine’s peaceful staggers of last year wavering wages. Cherished personality with swagger word’s pack a  phenomenal punch, tasty bits of lunch. I’m crushing slick word’s with proverbs scripts of fascinating line’s word crimes in today’s standard. Spiritual wit’s with mesmerizing advertising provocative rhymes philosophical era’s of imaginations creative line’s designs squares an impairs the staggering wager.

On one page single file line’s of dual felonies in profile line . Cancerous rhymes eating words of sentences the paraphrases of triple phases one word flips silhouettes in shadows of hour- glass shapes persuasive yet evasive grit & grimes the master of mind’s. Broadcasting the Maserati mind’s spitting &splitting physics of time youthful fountains split into half-way -houses.
  Philosophical crazy speeds of the crazy mind, prestigious mythical rhymes mythic of terrific line’s smashing, laughing tripping three verbs in many wicked words. Wicked of Romancer’s philosophy of a beautiful mind’s, resilience of an intellectual brilliance hallmarking time’s crooked clock’s ticking & kicking  spickety wickity ghosts of word’s in fascinating designs of tasty rhymes in any way which we play to live in wickedly.

Most provocative intoxicating swagger my word’s hold mythic proportions of tasty wisdom, time is one my side. Cashing in on times mythical wisdoms gestures and grateful gratuities in a philosophical personal fee. Mythical time’s wisdoms takes extrodinary divine life.

Tastings better bits in futures dimension to extensions of wicked imaginations. Universal destination without hesitation moment of time. Frozen in a dimension of mythical past as histories mysteries, treasures of unlocked fortunes fascinating mythics of time.

Creating futuristic designs laying formation of generations future’s in mystical time’s. Broadcasting feature’s of futuristic fiber mold in eplict phenomenal spitz inspite haters like my tazety set’s. The origin of mythical line’s here in sweet rhymes, uniqueness of sweetness covering any weakness in bleakness.  Neighborhood of Stood up and Standing line’s predatory  skills mandatory  thrills of leadership skills paying three quarter’s of life’s fee’s wickedly.
You’ll be back to watch me stack killa line’s with absurd word’s. Witches of Sier’s desires to admire sweet silhouettes of petite hour-glass-shapes. Persuasive of a cherished personality, perished the wizzitrii of evasive rhymes which hesitate to legislate my complexity an dexterity of loud chimes in mythical mind’s.  Speeds in excess of speedsters of different breeds notorious line’s word’s in felony profile line’s.  Bonded with a mold which treasons of objecting dope lines sweet grams of hydro-verbs crazy loud an absurd. 

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Cats eyes


Facets diamonds are the eyes
Leadership in disguise
The beauty of catalyze
Cateyes glow Diamondz

Beaties due glow
Eyez disguised prioritize

Masterful Skillz
Sure Thrillz
Killz instinctual Thrillz
Perditory Sillz
Feeding Thrillzs
     Frenzy Fills

Company of your appearance (Classic)


You shall keep the company of your appearance.. I allow & welcome the devilish seekins of your appearance. The profile fits the company that you keep. The courtesy to take but not ask, you’re welcome. I’m righteous your profound & guilty by association you are, I am  Found of no guilt such therefore I am the guilty of none.. The brilliance of my darkness covers you as sick & illness preponderance you call yourself a soul much less man. Any dignity you have it is mine, below dignity your harmony is given by me to you.

Touch your allowance of life it is only by my laughter of you.. You’re quite the comical as your life is the comedian.. I see it as the joke the others nearly laugh out of respect for my kingdom they know they seek my help and beg .. I give them what I choose they have nothing and that’s what I choose my kingdom is full you are welcome.. I allow such your life is a preponderance of my toes to be a clipping of that nail..

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
#intellectual #property #rights #reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer 

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Unique Swagger


The physique of my swagger mystique by the
uniqueness sweeping the critiques full of a
cherished craziness.

My brilliance elements of resilience
a convective cognitive science.
Which forms an alliance to the squeaking rhythm
& rhymes wearing the time by comparing the futuristic line.
Twin inline with the design for telling of physics in time

what you see sweet symphony killing the physics in time
standing in profiling lines.
European design is a swagger like Merle Haggard
now that I spoken of the wine.
Let me stagger you to the edge of time.

The axis of power as I devour and scour the rhymes
in simplistic lines pathetic fairytales
My cancer like rhymes crimes in syllables of transversing words
converting two syllables killable with stages of time

Futuristic by comparison extraordinary proverbial ways
fluctuating a new era in time.
Synopsis by the dynamic content.
Voluptuous by the dynamic time in content.

Diversity through simplistic realistic provocative lines
from abstract artist with the genere of attire fooling you
by my satire double click to hire with my resume.

Blowing sweet symphonies of harmonious working rhythms
by the complexity of time and the dexterity of a polarity.
Twin European designs fluctuating the rhythm of rhyme
with syllables killable to the unique transversing abilities
words play on psychologies mythologies trilogies.

Funky unique swagger physique sharp as a double edged dagger.
Dramatizing the dramatic fashion a forever in crazy vanity.

My insane insanity is a crazy forever fashion
neither of which either of which playing in today’s
elegance of time mesmerizing the physics in lines of
my life and times.

Quadruple scruples the complexities of a dynamic unique personality
flawed heart with a Cherished personality

A unique elegant in Time squaring the rhythm
of my futuristic coherent dynamic dexterity with rhymes. 

My lines are ageless wisdoms in proverbial ways.
Dynamic and unique to every sleek elegant design with the uniqueness of a philosophical crazy mind in speeds in excess of America mind.
The physique of my swagger mystique by the uniqueness sweeping the critiques full of a cherished craziness.

Enjoying the elegant complexities of this philosophical crazy mind.
The uniqueness running around seeking philosophical philosophy.

Seeking worldwide harmonies by enduring the elegance of time.
Prophet in a profitable wisdom in which life agrees not to please too many eyes undercover while disguised.

Elegantly knowing fictitious eyes listening by the cover of a disguise in the internet we play I’m dressed up everyday

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
#poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Rhymes in line’s of relevant


Slicing & dicing the
fabric of time.
Contorting & distorting
functionality to reality.

My unique physique poetic
swagger broadcasting
Elegance in resilience
Relevant to intelligence.

Rewinding the two hands of time
with a wicked new rhyme
elements from the middle of
my mind’s brilliance.

Forming an alliance my cancer
like rhymes eating pathetic tales.

Transversing syllables relevant
today’s reality relativity
transparent in tomorrow’s rhymes.

Elegance of futuristic conceptual
designs foretelling of a
mythic spilling inks prisms
of brilliance.

Custom made rewinding the second
hand in future’s time complex designs.
Figerning the reality custom of
my relevance.

Broadcasting inks elements of
intelligence substance of
my brilliance.

Achieve power while I scour & devour
Axis of power with easy
access to relax & tax.

Rhymes in prisms of colorful brilliance.
Futuristic line’s concepts staggering time’s
crooked pace.

The elegance of life’s
wicked scripts double flipping through
sands of every grain in time.

Squaring an comparing impaired
line’s in rhythm of elegant to relevant
My ink spills powerful images
Stalking provocative mind’s
broadcasting abstract crimes
      sleek designs
Of my custom line’s .

Unique of poetic swagger
staggering the crooked
pace in life’s elegant

Spilling prisms of colorful
brilliance element of resilience
relevance to intelligence.

Father of abstract line’s future’s
era in time of complex designs
in diversity of a university’s
Unique physique of my poetic

Brilliant line’s concepts furthering
time with a wicked rhyme
sleek elegant designs.

Eccentric line’s elegance of
european designs premier
           twin in line’s

Unique complexities a diversity
of simplicity in dynamic ranges.

Relevance to intelligence sleek
elegance of times relevant to
broadcasting worldwide premier.

Elegance of my line’s custom
prisms spilling brilliance
not revealing
Intellectual beauty’s.

Unique facet of every design
foretelling future’s greater time’s.
Dynamic elements in unique.

The physique of poetic swagger
sharp double edged dagger.
Staggering a poetic pace
the elegance of life’s wicked race.

Stalking provocative mind’s
with the father of abstract crimes.
My cancer like rhymes eating
pathetic fairy tales.
My word’s wale
an impale compared to
    Harvard & Yale
tasting stale as I prevail.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

My Crazy Vanity


Insane insanity is my vanity
its my forever fashion.

Crazy my vanity of forever fashion
Provocative poet with a crazy mind
twisting existing time.

Unique craziness
On my sleeves appeasing

Crazy appeasing & teasing mind’s
provocative like mine.

I’m the composer of insane insanity symphonies orchestrated with my crazy vanity.

My vanity of crazy is unique
to eplixt complexities of

Cazy fashionable for my unique eccentricities
The simplicity of crazy

Many perplexed to my unique vanity
that’s insanity to my crazy mind.

Crazy insane insanity is in fashion
My vanity insane crazy fashionable.

Facilitating complex symphonies of orchestrating insane insanity the Poet’s vainty a crazy mind.

A single pair of crazy insane mind
No two alike this one
Twice once uniquely crazy
Perplexes crazy mind’s
timing crazy line’s
the unique dexterity of
crazy mind’s.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Mythic of Pen


Worlds philosophical crazy mind.
Poet bellowing philosophy’s
at speeds inxs of brilliant
star’s bright light.

Changing perceptions to the
conception of multicultural
points of view.

Conforming to the uniqueness
of one’s complexity defining
dexterity spilling ink’s
substance of brilliance
elements in resilience.

Intellectual Gucci fashioning
     aesthetics of
intellectual beauty.

Philosopher mending & bending
unconditional virtues,
“love’s not a toy”
pliable viable like foil
    but spoils.

Provocative abstract lover
living the cover of disguise
prying the beautiful two eyes
to conceive the wisdom
       of age.

The philosophy of time
my mind is aged with wisdoms.

Prophet in profits futures prophecies
of greater times with a wealthy
life rich with angelic
orchids of wisdom.

Mystical Poet my pen’s broadcasting
substance of brilliance
elements in resilience.
A spiritual King to
the Lions spiritual

Love philosophy enjoying
the world’s insecurities of diversity.

Walking the journey of life
       living with the
spirit of good knowledge
enjoying the testimony
            of love.
To be continued (TBC)

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Midnights Mighty


Midnight’s mightiest mind’s crazy splitting riffs physics of time’s rhythms giving life’s rhymes with speeding & streaming funnels feedings complex feelings of splitting fountains into half way houses. Dazzling displays sheer architectures numbering day’s working words conducting symphonies of lyrical spits.

Capitalize in profitable widths in life’s wickedness a wiser wisdoms light’s brightness star’s chandeliers lighting brilliance a shinning new premiere to word’s spoken phrases, an taking actions for the bettering.
Cricket chirps speeds spickets it’s tickets in life’s complex course, splitting wits into fountains of guiding spiritual gifts, energies giving compelling phrases.
Computational stipulations of gravitational forces worded chants to single phrases, building mythical designs architectural wonders creating imaginative ways indicative guides the way science’s wickedness of mithyical romances giving stories to urban legends.

Prince’s of prancnig dances to yesterday’s songs singing pasts passions numbers the decade’s by seconds in paraphrases combining wisdoms to scientific computations. Resources to responsibilities for future generations passing passions furthering man’s compassion.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
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☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Passion (Classic)


The passion of desire
sentiment of thought
  sediments of heart.
stoke the fire of provocative
desires of my perogative.

Burns the wick of a flickering
    Provoke this attire
     Adress the desire
           A passion

Infection of perfection
       No correction.

Just resurrection of this perfection
A proposition of dedication
   Not all poetry is equal
All poetry is a perfection

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
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 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Strong Warrior


I’m a warrior I”m ready to conquer a warrior strong but not empathetic I never give up I’m a conqueror.. Perfection to own self is the perfection of me.. Perfect is nothing that’s just how it’s to be.. Acceptance of a warrior the resilience ready to conquer the strength of own self Concord acceptance of own self now a Warrior survivor independent of Cancer. Strength as a strong woman independence is the freedom of choice..
Warrior to Conqueror every day one day at a time don’t have sympathy I don’t want your empathy.. I’m a warrior strength is my gain my independence of cancer that’s my physical my conceptual is the strength of a system…
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

[ Interconnected ]
★ ↑ ▼ ☆ ▼ ↑☆
☆®O₩N~§ € £ F €º★

Poet’s Creed


    Poets creed
My pen’s broadcasting at all times.
My genius and ingenuity
provokes sentiment
     of thought.

People of extraordinary talents
I spill ink to provoke the imagination
      give weigh to
      urban legends.

I color the prism of brilliance
the substance & elements in

I provoke the elements of
nonconformity with mythical
       writes which give

Words are the windows to my
intellectual beauties provocative
gestures provoking
intellectual suggestions &
provokes the imagination.

Adjudicate my pen but
my limitations are none
strict conformity to one’s
uniqueness with a
mystical pen.

Poet from the attic
don’t want no

Inspired to inspire
      a wick
of flame burns
my desire.

My heart burns wick of
desire the passions
      for hire.

Unique & mystique
urban legend lights
     my writes.

Substance of my brilliance
    elements of

Provocative mythic
with the spirit of pride
where it resides.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Go for Amazing ! (Classic)


Go for life of the amazing if you want it, choose what you see, be much more . Around in the night underneath the street lamp’s light, sing the songs stay up late, watch the great film, gaze at the night sky. Waiting for you is more than the nearest window its an entire planets four seasons.. Film due premier tonight’s broadcast tomorrow’s primer, where the sky end’s night begins today is the future of tomorrow.. Seasons of yesterday’s reason. Four Seasons never the reason it’s only a planet’s four seasons underneath night skies the lamp’s a star’s light ,think of the songs to pray, due skies & sigh you laugh, & cry disagree to love unconditional.
Agreement of a disagreement unconditionally, question the question of you. I’ve played left you turn right, the hardest in love a man of science..
The artist of arts scientific yet creative never could have your photo, provocative I’m the photograph a photographer of you’re model, a clay sculpture, artist due to paint. The misfortune has been a good fortune of a Witch’s time, due tell your misfortune my fame. Burning to mislead, due earning & burning of the misled, a fortune earned. Calculating famous interpretation time to hold & unfold..Profomance of the drama, ghost town of the drama starts a lifetime in the provocative Arts.. Indulging of indicative masterminds performing painted artists performing well colored promise of a lifetimes Performance. Timeline of eight seasons Pubs pocket a dedication of the four reasons..

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer 

Looking at you ( Classic )


Here’s looking at you ¤♡¤ Sw€€theart your presence panics~ my breathing… The `burdens are the {view} of me looking at `you..{¤_¤ }..€V€R¥ moment of every day loving you.. You’re  beside  a single side of me.. {₩€}.. Tender the heart made with £ove.. You made the distance  reaching the feeling of loneliness.. I’m looking at you all day now the fear will subside.. Let me steer  set the course for Love.♡ Captain I have steered the course of  £ove. Steady as she goes: make your quest for the heart::set course LOVE. ♡

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥

Relevance to Intelligence


My poetic swagger sharp
double sided dagger.
Staggering poetic pace
in life’s poetic race.

Crazy mind the philosophical kind
this one’s mine.
Speeds in excess of always blessed
Nevertheless the best, crazy
obsessed America’s cream
of the crop I rise to the top.

Dancing an prancing to life’s
glitzy glamor nailing the wicked
stammer like a hammer.

Off the sleeves two appease eye’s
undercover in disguise brilliance
elements of resilience.

I’m unique full of mythical
physique in uniqueness of
my swagger killer like
marvelous Marvin

I stagger the crooked pace
of life’s wicked race.
Elegance with relevance
of intelligence.

My intellectual Gucci.
Rather than a hoochie

My intellectual beauty’s in uniqueness
of one second to none, with a mystical
pen. What a poet I bestow it.

Unique physique of my swagger
sharp like a double edge dagger
of humanity.

Speaking no profanity insane insanity my crazy in forever fashion the unique crazy vanity a poet’s mystical pen the vanity my forever fashion the crazy insane insanity.

Twin in line undercover while
doubling the disguise.
Elements of brilliance
relevance to elegance.

Functionality in reality
Unique physique & elegance
relevance to my intelligence.

Uniqueness to appease the
unique elegance by relevance
of intellectual beauty’s.
The elegance of an intellectual
Gucci rather than a hoochie.

Doubling relevance in life’s
battles & double script’s.
Worded trip’s in wicked
by most inconspicuous.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
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