Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue


Double Scripts


I’m only crazy ever did worlds transformation
it’s crazy thinking.

Roam conceptual “crazy minds”
seeking philosophical philosophy
writer changing worldwide sentence’s
timed artists limitless fears strength,
limitless power abilities of
“crazy minds”..

Transduce fear to fevers,
love philosophy,
conception of a philosophical
“crazy “mind
call me crazy a poet,
crazy me what you
change crazy every time,
before crazy ever changed a
“crazy mind”….

Philosophical to the Astronomy of life
it’s the “flossofeer” who takes view of life.

Prophet in profits it’s
jungles with sweeter Roses,
philosophical of foward looking attitudes,
pondering is the prolific minds wadering around
hovering, pandering the time,
every time theres capital of a personal gain..

Retrospect rear view mirror,
clear as crystals clear view,
no mirror it’s the rear view
retrospective preview premier
broadcasting worldwide

Double scripts in life’s wicked flips
three verbs and throwing nothing but reverb.

Twice the lyrical lines, avast steer clear of this
lyrical pioneer with mystical lines
futuristic rhymes killing the physics of time.

My intellectual beauty its brilliance,
resilience of this philosophical crazy mind
with speeds in excess of a Maserati.

Crazy is the vehicle of world’s transformation
it’s finicky essence of brilliant
master’s of the mind.
Live love with the sweat of fears
life’s wicked in so many way’s.

To the crazy mind’s of a crazed thinking way,
crazy changed before crazy ever changed
a crazy mind.

Go for life of the amazing,
choose what you want & be much more.
Provocative model of a photograph
a clay sculpture of a lady in kind.

Artist of provocative art’s mending an bending
hour’s to love.
Transducer of fear to fevers
love’s virtues of unconditional greatest philosophy.

To world’s of philosophical philosophies
in prophet’s of profits of a personal fee
in which life agrees.

Guns To jungles it’s sweeter roses,
to the unconventional wisdoms
which has never been.

To stand & live for better,
other than some kind of gun.
Fast lifestyles of the rocking chairs,
sit back and enjoy the speed of memories
life’s to live once an life has it’s own pace.

Composer’s of compromises the sediments
of our settlements are noteworthy symphonies
in musical scales an impale
to life’s frail detail.

Double Scripts will have a greater weight in literature an poetry long after I’m gone. Composed of two poems Crazy Mind’s an Scripts of life both poems stretch the boundaries of poetry. I’m so honored to have written these poems an will never match this caliber of poetry again.
Truly a magnificent view in mesmerizing my life and time’s.
Terrance Upham’s pen name Wicked Romancer.

☆Universe interconnected★
®O₩N~§ € £ F€º
Pen’s Broadcasting Brilliance
21st century’s Poet
#poet #poetry #poem

Exquisitely Unique Creativity (picture)


Exquisitely Unique Creativity

I’m slinging dope rhymes from grams to kilos at times.
Committing felony crimes weight of these lines.
My word’s hold weights of digital scales an impale
compared to Harvard & Yale.
Life’s fanatics dramatics of adicitts
Here’s to the intense & immense headrush face
turns blush feeling life’s plush.

Floods the veins straight to the brain.
Releases the pain.
Takes the blame
Notoriety for the fame
Propensity of insane.
Life’s game

Double dynamics in aesthetics of life’s wicked
minds provocative abstract crimes unique
designs provoking mind with twice
the rhymes.

Mesmerizing my life & time’s provoking line’s
commemorating  provocative crazy mind’s.
Bleeding & seeding impeding heart’s
repeating & pleading succeeding reading my rhymes.

Wicked Romancer an architect of accentuating
aesthetics in the architecture of aesthetically
pleasing rhymes.

I spit & bananas splits with chocolate sediments
appeasing & teasing
Provocative minds with pockets full of tasty rhymes
complexity of my tasty bits in lines.
Ambidextrous configurations accentuate
double dynamics of wicked rhymes a philosophy
of conjuring wicked mind’s. 

I Promote innovation without hesitation or else
the desecration of creation by strangulation.
Asphyxiation of dynamic creativity longevity
of exquisite multi-faceted wizardtrii & ageless
philosophy’s streamlining ergonomics
of unique mind’s.

★U N I V € R S € ☆
°O ₩ N S € £ F°
Pen’s Broadcasting Brilliance
21st century’s Poet
#poet #poetry #poem

Futuristic Visoneer


Mythical pen illustrates
prolific and terrific
words of wisdom.

The uniqueness on my sleeve
to appease & please
many unique eyes.

Lyrical pioneer Visioneer of futuristic
lines customary to poetry’s
design are the words
found in my rhymes.

Stopping the second hand
of time with a funky twist
you can’t

Mythical pen illustrates abstract
conformities uniqueness in
philosophies of one’s unique

Displaying abilities in

Appeasing teasing two
Eye’s pleasing to one’s
        own unique

Compelling line’s in
   Abstract rhymes
   of formulas in

Diversity A university’s
uniqueness in dexterity
Commanding the times
in rhymes with lines of word’s.

Comparing complexities
Eccentricity in personalities
writing the design of a futuristic
line . My poetic swagger synthesizes
poetic lines unique cutting flavor of time.
Inconspicuous wicked words
that I rhyme.
The symphony plays an orchestrated
flaunting & taunting poetic scripts
changing the world one word at a time.

The unique abilities of a complex personality.
The mystique physique in a mysterious mind
slicing and dicing the physics of time
with a wicked new line.

I stagger the poetic pace
with the unique elegance of grace
looking forward to broadcasting
a worldwide premiere
artists set to appear.

The unique elements of my
sleek design complex furthering
time in every gain of time
with the sense of a strain on time.
Fascinating lines synthesizing
a complex symphony playing
  daunting & taunting,
lines of poetic harmonies
to sleek elegant design.

Twin inline luxuries custom unique
designs relative to functionality of reality
seeking tranquility.
I’m a composer of elegant symphonies
in luxurious tranquility playing fascinating
harmonies of life’s devine taste. 
Staggering poetic pace in life’s
abilities of sweet elements in components of a
divine time.

Swing an sway astringent
lines taunting & daunting
rhymes in elegance
of sleek design.

Shear elegance in synthesizing
symphonies playing
harmonious dynamic lines.
Sleek elegance of life’s composer
sustaining elements in luxurious design.
Just  5 grams of my complex wine
staggers the crooked line in life’s
race phenomenal speeds
set the pace giving life’s elegance
in a race.

U N I V € R S € ☆
    °O ₩ N S € £ F°
Pen’s Broadcasting Brilliance
     21st century’s Poet
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#poet #poetry #poem 



Dull to a sharp knife splice the pair of dice twice with the sharpest edge. Sitting on a two-story ledge life is too short to hold a grudge it’s a smudge you don’t budge. It’s a fudge popsicle 1 stick to licks playing with life’s magical tricks.

Bricks to building blocks crooked walks in straight talks listen to the TIC TOCs of clocks time ticking and clicking. Listen stick to your guns its not better to run unless the other hand has a gun stick two your hands with both guns hands make plans to make a stand.
When the time comes those wisdoms make today’s take future onwards. Sum the mighty wisdom of words heard from a loud onward dance.

Prance the mighty wisdom from a history of a dancing rhythm. Drink the Red Rum don’t become the street bum give twice the sums needed by the one.
Taste the beauty of life take a wife and treat her nice give her twice the love be the hottest farthest from the Sun.
Now you have the philosophy take the profit of a philosophical personal fee make no plea other than not guilty take the stand make yourself look grand be the brightest ever to take the stand in the defense the prosecution rests they know what’s best.

You passed the test with flying colors of the red and blue now you’ve made it true let the man in blue sweat the best like the others and all the rest put the system to the test.

                                           My View on women
The beauty of a woman her body is a temple for the goddess man should be thankful. Behind every good man is a great woman she’s the mother of your children treat her with twice the respect. Her breasts and vagina is not a designation for a job or a place in society.

She’s kind courteous and cute doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you. When it comes to sex she comes first with twice the pleasure.
The beauty of life take a wife after all it’s a woman’s world.

She cooks cleans irons and takes care of the household because she loves you not because it’s her job. Men and women are equal women give the miracle of life sounds like men were cheated. When it comes to true multitasking the woman has the gift of the processing power of the brain. Men are from Mars women are from Jupiter sounds like men have a way to go.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Plotting Conspiracy


Plotting conspiracy theories in conspicuous wizardrtrii
Synthesizing synthetic lines pivoting combustible Rhymes accentuating the appealing aesthetics of my mythical pen’s outrageous & highly contagious viral venom ingenious strokes in engineering creativity. Significantly mesmerizing elegance in commentating an exquisite multi-faceted showstopping journey of life’s wicked minds &  brilliant prisms of pleasurable thoughts.

Installing extentions of 5th dimensions in imaginations
Alluring isolated reality creativity of these new realities installs functionality of galaxies light year’s away.
Pivoting philosophy morphing the present to the past in time’s epiphany of forever the elegant word indulges minds with pleasantries of distinct & unique physiology of a crazy mind.
The aesthetics of aesthetically appealing & pleasing rhymes with the philosophy of time
Teasing & pleasing sences of pleading an breeding succeeding reading rhymes.
Mesmerizing commitments to commemorating seductive line’s provocative mind’s smearing provoking rhymes in simplistic designs.
Pioneering spiritual spitz tunneling & funneling tasty bits calling it F it’s before quits.

Synthesizing astringent line’s to appealing astectics in symphonies of mesmerizing rhymes philosophizing hypnotizing the streamlining ergonomics of unique philosophies & exquisite wizardrii overshadows ageless wisdom’s in life’s glitzy glamor nailing the wicked stammer like a hammer.

Perpetuating the series of theories in questioning the hypotheticals theoretically providing suggestions for digestion looking for the resurrection of perfection in protection of my cancer like rhymes rotting an plotting tales of the weak and frail as my rhymes twist and burn leaving your smoldering ashes in stashes of an ern.

Spicy rhymes with a twist you can’t resist I persist.
Taunting an daunting rhymes flaunting an haunting provocative mind’s. My Pen’s viral venom is contagious & highly neurotoxic smearing sediments of toxic designs.
Ink spilling mythical rhymes of immense & intense intoxicating swagger a multi faceted physique in unique aesthetics of neurological lines.

Profusely sweating neurotoxic rhymes aesthetics in synthetic line’s.
Alter ego’s architect in the aesthetics of synthesizing astringent lines haunting & daunting while flaunting provocative mind’s. 
Smearing splendid blends of abstract colors mythical designs commemorating commitments to a devotion of shocking emotions aesthetics of Payne seats the audience.

Colorful expressions paints the new moon phases a prism of colorful emotions colors negativity.

Passionate word’s empower yeilding change as transformative power.
Never underestimate the power of passionate word’s in the world of spilling word’s change is inspirational & most powerful of any transformative power.

Wicked Romancer an architect of fashioning astectics of a philosophical crazy mind rewinding history’s mysteries puzzles of the unknown.
Symphonies synthesizing echo’s of exquisitely unique physiques in a sharp multi-faceted swagger.
Seductive whispers echo harmonies sounding tranquility qualities of one’s own unique virtue’s.

Equities in equality aesthetically pleasing architecture silhouettes overshadowing beauty’s of heart.
Whispering wind’s howling different sentiments of a thousand thoughts & echo’s philosophy.

Spilling ink in strokes of ingenious creativity brilliant prisms sparking colorful expressions of every written line.
Broadcasting tonight’s premier as yesterday’s retrospectives in a early feature streaming this premier.

My word’s weave the fabric of time
morphing present to the past in a fast flash.
Spilling ink faster than a blinking eye
accentuating the aesthetically pleasing fashion with a promiscuous passion.
Synthesizing the aesthetics of an appealing provocative mind with stringent lines provoking the architecture of an appealing design unique exquisitrii statically pleasing the exquisite eccentric wizardry of a multifaceted physique in sharp poetic swagger.

           ®O₩N~§ € £ F€º
    Pen’s Broadcasting
    21st century’s Poet
    #poetry #poem

★U N I V € R S € ☆
°O ₩ N S € £ F°
Pen’s Broadcasting Brilliance
21st century’s Poet
#poet #poetry #poem

The world according to Terry Upham

I’m a pro-active leader I engage my self in all the things that I love.
I believe in listening to everyone who has a voice of reason.
I’m big on ideas even if it’s just part of an idea I can use.
I ask questions about everything I’m unsure of.
I don’t know everything about anything so I always empower people through their own expertise and experience.
Leave nothing off the table with me. I ENJOY HELPING! !
Get us out in front of the problem and tell me I’m wrong


when I’m wrong. Absolutely positively NO YES PERSON STRAIGHT UP!!.
I’m fanatics about my job but I love having fun while doing my job.
We work hard I EXPECT to play HARDER..
If were not having fun & making mistakes with doing something wrong.
I EXPECT screw ups and downs bank on mine.
if you think it’s bad I’ve done worse FACTS OF LIFE!!
I love to reward reward in public.
I hand out medals to those that deserve.
I’m on camera talking about how great my people are you’ll see.
Foward looking for the next item on the agenda an future’s tasking.
I’m not a great preper but I know how to organize and optimize.
People like my style I’m always the expert reference but I recognize subject matter experts in leadership.

★U N I V € R S € ☆
°O ₩ N S € £ F°
Pen’s Broadcasting Brilliance
21st century’s Poet
#poet #poetry #poem

Philosopher of Prophecy

  • wpid-img_57444013549728.jpegQuadrupling quantifying quantum rhymes squaring an comparing analogies computational functionalities of theoretical personalities.Mastermind streamlining aeronautics perpetuated futuristic synthetic architecture translating verbology to series of ideologies theoretical personalities.

    Uniquely designed for custom rhymes doubling time forwarding complex sediments of provocative dynamics in thoughts.

    Dynamics of complexities competitors playing orchestrated symphonies of time’s epiphany. Elegance of relevance by intelligence broadcasting Brilliance in prisms full of spectacular design.

    Elegance of life’s philosopher with ageless wisdoms howling exquisitely unique Wizardry of agless philosophies strengthening pro-active foward looking inspiration leadership designs experts referenced a philosophical crazy mind.

    Humanitarian strikes in flashing lightning speeds feeds hearts of desired hunger.
    Futuristic Rhymes perpetrated physics of a new day in time.

    Doubling qualities of quantifying rhymes theoretical of a hypothetical genealogy screeches.

    Night Lights prisms of star’s broadcasting moon’s light’s at darkest times.
    Tacictan exploiting cognitive sciences relative to mankind optimizating opportunities for cognitive warfare areas in dark silhouettes of night.


  • Terrance Upham
    21st Century’s Poet

Appealing Aesthetics

  1. image

Wicked Romancer a provocative Prince of fanatics in the dramatics of fashionable word’s.
Giving orgasms of mind unique one of a kind pleasures of my rhythms in rhymes.

Mesmerizing feelings of exquisite emotions written in every line unique prisms of brilliance &  elements of resilience relevance to my intelligence.
Poetically staggers with sharpest poetic swagger.
Whispers of my rhymes philosophize & hypnotize delinquent eyes with provocative lies undercover an in disguise.

Measures of legislations failed litigations an hesitations of my provoking seductive imagination.
Adjudication of a provoking provocative artist with abstract crimes my words slinging dope rhymes standing in felony profiling lines.

Broadcasting smears of ink’s future place’s somewhere in time.
Provoking another crime in establishing adicitts of a fanatical mythical rhyme rewinding seconds of time in history’s mysteries puzzles of the past.
Prophet smearing every mythical line proportions of monumental rhymes.

My rhymes stimulate eccentricities in personalities aesthetically pleasing and teasing giving orgasms of mind with pleasurable word’s action’s of my verbs.

My rhymes scour & devour discombobulated ambiguities of pathetic fairy tales tasting stale as I prevail.
Complexities of my dynamics in words whale & impale on world’s monumental scales.
Forget Princeton Harvard and Yale & f*** the Prince of Wales & all his small details.

Philosopher’s soft caressing words in philosophies the economy of efficiency in exquisitely unique wizardtrii.
Echoes of my whispering words give harmonies to life’s tranquility qualities of virtue’s in equality.
Times destination is a destiny of universal fate of the universe’s humanity in which all mankind shares.

Dynamic depths of fathoms are Phantoms of my complexities in unique abilities.
You can’t conceal and you must reveal feelings & emotions written in every line the economy of every word efficiencies in designs of my written rhymes.

Discombobulated ambiguous lines of pathetic fairy tales my rhymes twist and burn leaving your ashes in an ern.
Universal dexterity in ambidextrious configurations of unique twin inline designs is complexities of dynamics aesthetics of life’s beauty’s.
Wicked romancer aesthetically pleasing and teasing the unique pleasures of an architect in the aesthetics of love’s romance.
Aesthetically pleasing to the mind sweet silhouettes of divine beauty’s succulent poetry.

 ☆Universe interconnected★     
          ®O₩N~§ € £ F€º
    Pen’s Broadcasting Name
           21st century’s Poet
         #poet #poetry #poem

Cost Effective War Precluded (Classic)


The war rages within
the questions where to begin.

To journey a war within
These walls conform to
keep one within.

The conflict enrages two
sides maybe more
killing waging war.

The battlefield screams man’s duality
War cries of the many.

Explosions deep within
two sides killing resides
in days of weeks presiding
conflicting diplomacy & killing.

Impoverished war rages no more
the battlefields graveyards in
nations backyards.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Plenty of room killing to presume
        The unknown tomb.

Soldier of fortune the misfortune of war.
Death pinned upon soldiers chest.
The memorial of war caugfons glaore.

No one wins in war
The Grim Reaper
Is the grand Reaper
Of War.

Blood spills the spoils of war
The cost of going to war
Compounds after the war.

Society precludes the
cost effective war.
Effectively presiding fighting politicians
Of war policies killing the poor.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
#poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Abstract Lover (Classic)


I’m a provocative artist
with the disguise undercover
smooth spits in a spiritual bliss
the humbling harmony of
my thoughtless tranquility

Artist of provocative hearts
I provoke the mystique with uniqueness
Strike a provocative pose the color of the red rose

I’m the blood on the rose
With smooth flows that’s the beauty
of a colored rose

I’m the abstract lover of a provocative pose
I paint the picture of provocative
the only way to perceive my abstract colors
there’s no wait or way to disguise
the way two eyes appetize

the perception to perceive
the way to believe it’s not what you see
I’m an abstract lover

She’s the Mona Lisa of my heart
a masterpiece of my whispering heart
the love from a divine heart

She’s a Mona Lisa
a master piece of my heart
The whispers of her beauty
paints love’s modern design
She’s the featured art

World renowned beauty the International fluence
Queen’s personality
she’s the beauty of art
the featured piece of an artist at heart
the masterpiece of my heart
the abstract design

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
#poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer