Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Elegant Thoughts


The elegant thoughts of a precious mind the computational formula of a wicked demise conceptual seires of theories, a conspiracy to seduce persuasive succulent poetry, wicked mistress of promiscuous thoughts, succulent dreams, aromas of fresh gratuities, a blurring of mixtures to blended abstracts.
Funnels draining the gravity of intellectual force, to persuade a complete set of cycling ways to convey. The Amoure of flashing movies pictured all in the thoughts,  whispering speeds of domesticating breeds, many ways a heart bleeds. Bundles of delightful Joys. the taste of blissful ways eye’s see to conceive the thought. The almonds of joy, roasted to enjoy conceptual way’s of thinking, blinking fast ways of thoughts. Orchestra’s of notes orchestrated instruments,  Beethoven’s musical symphonies. Genie in a bottle, unleashing the mysterious, unveiling imaginative ways of cultivating the seeded flower to bloom.

Enduring the elegants of an elite Romance rhythm of a Romans aroma’s to inhale changing the taste of eloquence. The artist works mending fears transducing hours to love live love with the sweat of fears Rome’s architectural wonder the projects precise sculpture of a wordsmith’s  glamour, struts on the catwalk with a book 2 premiere, lives on set, broadcasting his heart to revere. Prince’s of prancnig to dressing rooms, Broadway St of dramatic dramas, the elterically shocking of emotions paints new moon phases, mixture of Picasso’s colors a dramatization of pain seats the audience.

Photographer of pictured humanity,& colors rainbows of negativity with brilliant prisms, a King to lion’s spiritual pride. Brilliance of a star, rearranges the theater’s studed premieres, lives with sentiments of love’s lifetime, unconditionally the greatest of philosophy. Unique elegance of Sun setting romance blinding the artist of a premiering wedding, preaching the marriage of universal energy. Rays of hope displaying poetry of wholehearted hearted beauty. The statue of persuasive values premiering spiritually harmonies the elegance of mankind. Energies of unleashed imaginations dreaming of pots of gold, loving the insecurities of the worlds diversity walks the testimony of £ove.


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