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Gaze of soul’s


Sole of your beauty it’s this reflection for others to see if seen, the beautiful reflection like no other beauty. I gaze into the soul mere to perceive the beauty of the reflection bright and beautiful ever soul to be.
Sheer wonders the beauty of the gaze,  the beauty ever to wonder sheer soul’s of her beauty. Charmed personality of beauty elegance a silhouette shadow of beauty. Cheer elegance ever the intelligence the soul of the eyes to gaze wonders of beauty the sheer brightness of a soul’s beauty. Eyes due gaze the soul of beauty,  perring the premier of a souls beauty, elegance sheer soul’s of a beauty. Energy ever a pull of spiritual energies ,gaze into the soul of spiritual beauties energy ever spools of beauty.
Spiritual energies a soul’s beauty, to gaze at the wonder is sheer beauty amazed at the wonder. The sheer beauty a spiritual ever the wonder of energy bites of brightest wonders ever the spirits a body of contents of humanity.             
          ☆U N I V € R S € ★
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