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Who you are

Never forget who you are. Allow no one to ever tell you to forget who and how you are..Forget those who tell you they think they know who you are and how you are. Never forget your parents they know who you are.. Never forget when you leave your energy will never let you forget who you are.. Forget nothing about who you are acceptance is about everything you are it’s the markings of your Spirit and that shows who you exactly are.. Emotional content the energies of your morals and values will mark spirits forever energies.

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Architectural wonder


Architectural mastery constructions of world’s feats of features that sways wonder’s of planet’s preciseness in persistence of frames working supported wood working engineers delovoping bule printed squares of constructional engineers, building blocks of biggest bricks to mortars slabes of architectural designs. Foundation forming prieces persisions of beams to support blocks building’s leveled studed premieres. Architects building to procure mythical proportions buildings feats of world’s largest 7th wonder’s compiling complex numbers of  precise configurations.
Specifications in micrometers of precise leveling heights in twin double towers, mystical palaces formats of engineering marvels, wood working engineers delovoping bule printed squared footage wonder’s. Beam supporting bricks of mortar block’s, but precise engineers drafting in drawings construction of archetics designs.  Pilimary sketches in black and blue prints of passive passions.
Fear dewelings to feverish workings precise electrical engineers wiring sparks of revolutionary proportions sparking new designs.
Spheres of asermetrical in Romeo’s theater’s desires development of cathedrals worldwide architectural’s premiers streaming arictects building visionaries to way’s to design and implementation of new concepts of evolutionary proportions. Scientifical theories of concrete ways stabilize forward forming foundations studed premieres precise to prolific specification of micrometers. Pouring in life stable style giving life’s limitless prestigious mind’s wicked stays in conceptual dramas of wanted architectural wonders buying Chief engineers materials from delamas of shortage in world’s largest supplying the supplier of office architectural wonder’s precise permier of broadcasting world’s wider audience of persistence.

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Life arguments


Experience what life’s all about argue let them who argue be at a level down to their experience stupidity we all have it disguised. You guys know Samuel Clemens way bright gentleman. Content with life let’s do the others see ourselves touch the table being able to share a humble and real feeling being perfect is a dream educated highly being popular being rich meaningful life of a rich person a wealth of a wealthy life ..

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