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The relationship ( Classic )


I will whisper the precious words in your ear.. When I see you start to cry, your tears are piercing pains of my heart.
Now gently remove the jar let’s talk, & listen to each others pain, we can see each of our faults let’s face together gentlyley.. Let’s write the story about our love life & stare in each others eyes spoken
words neither of us, too scared its harmony in Love.. It will bring back the flow in love,  gently kiss speaking a million words, without a voice between two lips, hold my face upon your chest,  tilt my head let me listen to your heart, its my love,  I hear gently we fall asleep hand in hand arm in arm love..

Imperfections to love a perfect imperfection is a soul where every day is  learning. We come to know what we love by an imperfection we see our imperfections of own self.
We become for ever  entangled as a couple seeking better for each other and own self..
We learn our own self by compromise, we seek others 4 excitement it’s the knowledge worthy of every soul..
Acceptance becomes a personality of happiness with the simplest of joys..
Chicken Soup for the Soul when the heart aches no license to live forever.. Timeless love holding entral spiritual energies forever entangled taking our spot in the Universe as spiritual energies..

We make commitments together the commitment for “our relationship” for both of us to grow spiritually, & shrare opportunities of a lifetime with each other.. Unconditional love and unconditional due all imperfections as husband and wife, acceptance as loving couple forever energies spiritually connected.♡♥

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Mere Spider.


My rhymes are dimes all throughout the pages of history in time.
Diamonds of Dimes uniquely dexterity by the multifaceted perception you perceive.

Functions of diamonds dazzling brilliance unique to every facet of brilliancy lighting the star’s elegance changing the script of life one word at a time.

Double back flipping forwarding the traversing abilities in words traversing the verbs.
By changing the proverbial word
in a proverbial way no matter
which day you must always pray.

Take the philosophical profits
The elegance of orchids in
wisdoms to life’s journey

Microns of my rhymes kick the facet of times
you need diamonds elegance by dexterity
Echoing microns if distinctive line’s
Customary for futuristic designs
Conformity to dynamic dexterity to the uniqueness of transversing the abilities in words uniquely deceiving the perceptions.
You perceive to be the windows of an imagination are the words protruding from the back of your mind.

My words are spiders crawling through the cracks of every word of uniqueness. The words cracked tranquility by provoking jesters of multifaceted dexterity.

Thoughts give way to Swift succulent breezes of emotional stages elegance with thinking thoughts with speed and dexterity and unique complexity of the emotional state feelings of thought thinking crying perceiving the idea of reality.
Persuasive but not elusive of to the emotional stages.

My words are persuasive elusive suggestions by the propensity of complex diversity.

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Two honest people who are truthful to each other & faithful, as friends..
Two people, strong, loyal  & responsible, the relationship grows to become bestfriends..

Best friends share  a responsibility to each other faithful and loyal the relationship grows to become a couple who second,  any motion or action of each other & have the strength and loyalty, a relationship second to none.
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Lightspeed skies


Lightspeed over the skies blazing trails of whiteness abundance of brightness ..
The wish is yours to make don’t speak it now close your eyes conceptualize let the mind concive a wish from the stars.. Feel free to roam around the Milky Way is yours  fly from planet to planet stick some moon dust in your pocket..

Grab a ring put it on your finger its from Jupiter  watch the Aurora’s from a heavenly seat.. Don’t go too far watch the asteroid belt get to view Big and Little Dipper…

I see your eyes you’re bound for the red the planet of love from Mars.. Be the first to plant the rose reddist of the most Rose.. Watch the thrusts the jetpack stronger than JATO.. Jet assisted take off,  gyros does sounds good to the restaurant 23rd and fourth Avenue Greek restaurant the salads are to die for and real Leg of Lamb in the gyros..

What’s the reentry glide slope pitch on the nose 22 .5 degrees we gotta go the windows open in 18 minutes 2122 GMT time now 1804 Romeo plus one the window open 12 minutes vector 330 stable out ,  forward propulsion time off fight 21 minutes..

I’m hungry BlazBlue the afterburner on the pack feeling time lagging,
she’s a beauty wait till it geez the force you feel the closer we get the heavy you you are the more beauties positive and negative G.. ®O₩N~§ € £ F €º