Golden Shellbacks Poetry in Life's Platue

Life’s hallmark


Life’s amazing choose finicky the`sessan of distinguishing essence by words of your complexities, copyrights the rights distinguishing hallmarks of your intellectual beauty’s. Beauty displays the rights to express your intellectual logos are registered trademarks of your Life’s reserving rights of original artistical article’s preserved. Around night’s underneath street lamp’s lights a star’s swaggers speaking wicked word’s of philosophy, “who shall endear love’s unconditional virtues”  funneling the glitzy glamor.  Staring feature to headline the greatest film, gazing at brilliance  shining lighting q star’s dazzling performance, the brilliance in life’s most provocative staring roles. Leading actor in broad way’s gratest theatrical showstopping poses mending poet’s minds writing amazing line’s in life’s fascinating stories, permering starring role in life’s star studed poetic script’s places& paces sheer elegances dining to graces, peering in window’s reflecting beauty’s entirely planet’s dedication of four seasons to life’s dramatic star’s.   Broadcasting light’s premiering tonight’s seasons premiere of many prestigious mind’s casting wicked seasonal premiers.. Films due premier tonight’s broadcasting tomorrow’s star’s studed primer, skylines heights light’s shining life’s beautifully shillouets shadows& shapes elegance displays of night’s beginnings to appealings  brightest lights of tomorrow’s star’s, apersonalities with a star’s swaggering ways in today’s promising tomorrow’s future. Gaze at tomorrow’s brilliant prophet’s proclaiming prolific wisdom’s & fortelling future’s in life’s prestigious fourtines..Seasons of yesterday’s reasonings gourmets flavorful spicy season’s giving ever more beautifully designed reasonings in planets to Earth’s four season’s.
Artist’s workings mending & calculating famous interpretations artistical architect’s of architectural designs artist of the future’s amazing time’s holding & unfolding performances & mastering preforming art’s.  Artist’s of masterful workings performing colors compromises to commitments in time lines desiring Sier’s designs to romance.  Hollywood’s wickedness of craziest spitz mightiest spitting speeds which inpeeds seeded heart’s of wicked words & poetry’s succulent sways of wickedness.  Pandering eye’s witness colorful expressions to gratuities & gratefulness to all life’s beauty. Stature to adress a re addressing the beauty’s of
Sier’s Struts spickets spits fountains tunneling spitz mightiest of wit’s sounding its a good funnling  F it’s. Splitting speeds ~spitz ~mightiest ~wit’s star’s staring “craziest of minds” its a swagger crossings speedy slithers smoothing strums of rhythms composing speeds fastest crawling  rum’s staggering personality cradling star’s swaggering sweeping swift speeds, features worthy of stays in life’s prestigious resorts for the reserved rights to ensure vacations in life’s prestige of eccentric mind’s.  Three piece suited suits giving stature in life’s sharpest wit’s a star’s lights & shapes mightiest in life’s “craziest minds”.  Romancer seeking speeds dressing to sutited speedsters lickety splits speedsters of special speeds.  craziest witts mightiest mind’s ever did worlds transformation it’s crazed to fast thinking. Roam conceptually “craziest minds” seeking philosophys writer’s line’s changing the world one sentence at a time. Pain it’s artistry of poetic beauty writes poet’s philosophy inducing the beauty. Peers mentoring elegance of wicked chants wizards of worldly worded phrases building sticks eyes witness wins by descriptions in equality equities of my heart’s passionate desire adoring love.

Philosophically their’s respective author’s of the heart’s humanity love’s lifetime unconditionally the greatest of philosophy fondle starts crimes of wickedness more wikid words an enthusiasm for greater times. Formal formats dines vineyards vines of fruity red wines,  persuasive beauty’s to adoring sipping beauty’s tasting wonderfully sweetness of lighting stars. Romeo’s theater’s roaming through romances in Rome’s architectural wonder’s, precisely placing words prolifically poetic poetry’s eye’s eyewitnesses quicker directions fortellers to the beauties in future’s gazing longer mightiest idea’s youthful strengths living four season’s architectural’s premiers.  Earth’s beauty broadcasting Milky way’s gambling frontier. Re-write chanderlers lighting a star’s premier.

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  1. stellingsma2010

    OMG thats one fine ass 🙂 please bend over 🙂 girl….

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    November 19, 2014 at 01:44

  2. marcus

    I started reading because of the fine ass gif. Then it hit me…your writing skills floor me. Great writing (((Awhoooo)))


    November 19, 2014 at 02:56

  3. The GMLA

    is this about the rat race without the rat race? Like it is starting to be missing?

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    January 24, 2015 at 23:56