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Raging fury ( Classic )


Raging fury Mother Nature at Sea rapture, spinning  water spouts; tornado funnels of fury.
Whisping assaults, indicative due destruction, Imperial Descendants; creatures of depths in ancient pasts, desending to uncharted depths, ptyhoms safe habitats..

Ancient Mariner master navigator, of Seven Sea’s Steers a course to come about shouting, “Right Full Rudder Shipmate” a course for safe passage, he peers through biggest of eye’s..
Pilot house’s visibility less 400 yards “two prolonged blast First mate”  Says the ancient Mariner due ship makes way.. The Mariner make way throuh the pilot house to Quatermasters dudty underway chart…Dam jet stream yells the Mariner “barometric pressures dropping Fist Mate unforcasted Storm”.. All Hands Whether Decks are Secure untill futher Notice, these trade routes this time of year known for White Water Squals ensure strapped for sea”..

Earth’s continental plates contour depths of 1800 phatoms, a Submarine’s loud whaling siren blares,
Loudspeakers Dive, Dive, Dive, sweating profusely the young Submarine’s Captin yells “Officer of the deck 20′ dgrees down bubble”
i  i. Yells luieutenit, helm “down buble 20 dgress, make your depth 1200ft”..

The juinor sailor yells 20 degrees down bubble i i Officer of Deck…
Captain rushes to the helm “Make course 230 speed 8knt” i i yells the Helm & Lehelm; sonar scraches across loud speaker Captain Broadband effects bearing 110 / 119
Left brearing opening Sir we’re good for course 230″ “Very well” says the Captain..
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Three Tier Social Security


Three tier Social Security
1 Freedom of choice
2 INVESTS in American workers & America.
3 Defines Social Security at a state and federal level!!
4 Provides economic hardening of choice example education by using funding on a philosophical budget based on past year.
All three levels offer a choice and an elementary investment on a retirement an optional 3Alpha American retirement package it is completely flexible and dynamic and provides funding to the state and the federal level. (FLEXIBILITY in DYNAMIC DIVERSITY)
American earmarked families this is a concept I conceived by President Bush giving a rebates to stimulate the economy(Earmarks) we could congressionally earmark American families giving the power of opportunity. Earmarks tied into the economy, example the better economy the bigger earmark. (DYNAMIC CONTENT)
For the people by the people, not just a few. ABOUT TIME
The national deficit would be paid within approx, 3 / 5 years according to my computational formulas if not faster.
This would take the American industrial market to a worldwide revolution making America the center business and providing security through economics, borders and controls inflation.
This one piece of legislation would be the first ever to invest in America and the American people defining and saving the Social Security program. This would literally keep the retirement age at 65 or the option at 62 . This data is available but not used at state or federal level.
Economists are surprised Social Security still around!!
This would have no effect on investment plans / 401 ect, this would not change any economic statuses from the middle class or from poverty class however it will provide the extra three to five hundred dollars a month.
Restore the middle class rally the stock market of historic proportions and lower unemployment levels to never seen rates 1.8% /2.6%.
Americans involved in America
Cover in disguise this operates functionally as a jury duty calling citizens on a platform of congressional bill passing legislative administrations and provides for every single American to take part in and understand the process of a bill It would be just like jury duty.

Brave Gallantry of the Red White & Blue. The Men an Women who lay down their life as a blank check signed by Uncle Sam. In the bravest of lands the greatest of man finds Freedom an defends this great American land. For the Red blood of our forefathers instills pride in every American man. The white beautiful purity of women who make this American land the greatest amongst all man.
Fifty star’s light the greatest Nation in all the world’s land. America stands fouthright great in the greatest of stands. Among the midst in the darkest of times depend upon America’s greatest of all man.
Risk more than is required. Learn more than is normal. Be strong. Show Courage. Excel, Love Lead, speak the Truth as Truthfully as own self.. Live your Values, Laugh, Love, Cry, innovate, Adore Mastery.. Aim for Geinus, stay Humble be Polite and Kinder than Expected.. Deliver more than needed transcend your Fears.. Exude your passions in life ♡Love to exude the passion for life.. Become a system of the Stars.

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Stromy Seas


Vanity and greed sacrifice a higher unconditional need
Unconditional virtues of love belonging to oneself
Gives harmony indeed
It’s a better way for you to bleed the necessities others needs
Give to the many when the few have.
Heavenly Father thank you for what I don’t have and place the weight of the world on thy shoulders Amen

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Imperial King Neptune


Imperial King Neptune..
Devoting Freedom of 7 Sea’s ensuring Freedom of Navigation to all.. Mighty Imperial Golden Shellback .


So that others may live.
I patrolled those rivers for those who cannot swim I’m a warrior, I have concord the darkness in the night on the flight deck of Aircraft Carriers.
I have armed aircraft and weapons not many can say  to have Qualifed for both to control from the radar as Air Intercept Controller & Anti-submarine tactical Air Controller, I have done both..

There are Shellbacks I”am a Imperial Golden Shellback, I’m a hunter and a killer of submarines foreign enemies  in hostile waters I patrol,  passive & active.. Evaluator conducting Random Passive & Active, searchs interpreting the sounds and signals from underneath the sea .

Master Training Specialist the Specialist of Operations, teaching my conceptual, utilizing the abstract for the all warfare areas.

Trigonometry & Geometries underneath the sea, the promulgation path both subsurface and detecting in the air to engage

Navigator mastory of skilled Mariners.
You see my weapon what you do not see is my skillz..

Mark India Mark Delta, Merge plot, closest point of approach, are some
Physics of Time-Space Continuum when my 3d radar lights you up, Im controlling the intercept for a Kill, from phased array radar Spy …Reporting Displaying utilizing both taking tactical action. Inherit the rights of Self defense and others who fly the flag of my country and Allies…


Pilots call Popeye ,I am there to give the steer  the way home the pigeons are flying..

Call sign Joker of quite serious my name is not the preponderance, when trouble arises in the Air squawk the frequency International Air distress, Im all about Military Air Distress frequency. You have the frequency, double the distress is quite the success of the Popeye did you say my name or did you make a call from the sky Imperial Golden Shellback…☆★☆★☆★
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