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Front Door

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Front Door
Smooth Crown Royal the spoils of war in the mix building a twist of confusion. Boots on the ground birds in the air, hope turns to despair no one seems to care. Where is love in the air, is it war at the front door in this world of confusion. We live in the land of war love no more, where’s the passion instead of war, is it love at the steps of my front door, in this world of confusion must we go to war, is it love at my front door or is it war. The confusion & twists of despair growing lists of bullets flying through the air, is it love of war in this passion of killing, at my front door the land of war. No one cares anymore, its passion for a war in the world of confusion, millions are killing for the…

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Off the cuff

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Sticky tongue crooked lips personality a swagger like Marvelous Marvin Hagler stick stick jet punch that’s my swagger like Mick Jagger satisfaction of none now that’s words with swagger crossing the line on a DUI and that’s a drunken stagger not the personality with swagger it’s a wavering wager but I don’t swing and sway across the crooked line man this field sobriety it’s hard by design even when you’re sober its heel to toe way to go now one foot in front of the other left right now that’s go with purpose in cycling the circles in the circus the sirens for the man in blue it’s up to you to see me through and get me to a place where I can rest my eyes and visualize the beautiful bright blue sky in a daze smoking purple haze listening to the way Jimmy plays booty skies excuse me…

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Time’s compromise

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


My mind grinds & holds mystical cycles proportions of time’s compromises life’s fascinating noteworthy gifts. Spiritual whit’ s from the Maserati mind one-of-a-kind speeds in excess always blessed.

Grateful gestures expressed in the mystical wisdom’s of wicked words most provocatively from the decisive mind, never two of a kind. Speeds fast thinking blinking just Maserati mind warp speed, splits the physics of rhymes in half & slicing and dicing creating mythical lines customary by design in the future’s broadcast of tonight’s early premiering this right here.

I set pace & commandeer your mind, one word at a time. Transducing fear to feveres Limitless fears, strength abilities of a lyrical minds twice for you to hear tuning mystikal virtues turning fevers into believer’s.

Word’s that pop 2 lips with double hits no wonder it’s just thunder of my roar in line’s, live life with the sweat of fears. Lyrical designs tasty…

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Own self acceptance

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Own self acceptance has been long and the price is unvalueble to have children.. And has costed everything nothing short just a heartbeat..
I have made excuses for other people many times.
I have said too many times, I got lucky, for my heart has been there. Intellectual freedom is not a leadership style inside the military.
I’ve known for a while and I have refused ignored every statement and such statements my own mother to you could be a millionaire easy not the point not at all the money or money its not worth the People who go after it.. It did no difference, it did nothing for me I found more troubles and hassles.. It did not make me a better person, money does not make the person.. Well let’s get on with it..

I’m Stein come on Albert Einstein its getting cold out here want you to…

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Motivation forever changing

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Extraordinary motivated loving the climb up the ladder in Life.. Just when you think you’ve conquered the biggest mountain in life something, somebody, somewhere kicks you back down..

No rhyme or reason it’s the kick the rhyme of the reason to get back up.. Optimized it’s the opportunist that takes every chance in life it’s the very reason, the motivation, the dedication, to the love, to the wife, to the kids, to better yourself and optimize Life..

Climbing the corporate ladder the struggles of every day Life.. Optimizing the data, the structure, the resources, the customer service the profits, it’s the opportunist, who collects all the data, the Resources, little or not its optimized, its everything no matter how little or how much it’s the optimized resources of the opportunistic person climbing the ever ladder in Life..

The crossroads of Life, no matter when you cross or how you cross…

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My First Sweet Poetry

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My darling why you are rare In the rareist of blooms, my heart’s in seasons awaiting the sweet smells perfumes of your beauties.
I shall Inhale I can taste my desire simple hints of such I admire starts passions of your beauty makes the raging blood of mine boil. I now foucus upon one’s own life I ask for much more racing roses In such passions makes a strong Alpha weak to simple ponder your beauty masks my masculinity wi persuasiveness such to adore only roses of my temptations with sweet air te pufume of arouma arouses my every sences awakening beasts of a mans devilish seekings unfulfilled at a gaze of desires my admiration of such a pleasure is not of mine but I hold such with questions no anticipation is in site upon your beauty the rose is graced with shadows at times of no desire passion rearranges…

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Advice Own Self Knowledge

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Advanced own self knowledge through the cognitive sciences.
Meditation conditioning the mind of thoughtless tranquility & harmony  of body..
Tai Chi various methods applying the body’s energy Chi and allowing fluid movement, healing and increasing antibodies & energies a increase of Chi & healing the Mind & Body..

Mastery of senses developing the hearing of scenery with bearing and range.
The eyes developing contours in nature & sites of unnatural shapes.
Developing the noise, smells of  surroundings with functional directions..
Balance & sense of direction  with the body.
Centerpoints of balance in the body & various positions and heights, vertical and horizontal.
Magnetic North and magnetic directions functional & directional of herizon with distance of sight an range.

Using the distinct sounds of nature the birds chirping or other animals for warning. Directional winds and various hunting tactics with winds & evading human sence..

Invellop a system of own self.

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Wiser wisdom observe

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Observe more than they know. The Observer has two ears but one mouth now that’s twice the listening half the talking.. Observe and listen while looking with two eyes 2 ears one mouth.. Observe they already think you’re stupid don’t open your mouth and prove them right away listen and watch see who is the Observer. Observe for he is the one to learn, he studies amongst all but yet follows: none.. The brave observer half the talking twice the listening twice the observation twice the thinking for one smart Observer..

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

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Open Mind

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Open mind is a student ready to learn the mind is open and is not in fear of not understanding, essential for acceptance..
Open mind is the acceptance of new Cultures Beliefs new concepts essential for learning..


Open mind is not a common state of an understanding the exception Is our own self.. Open mind with out prejudice perceptions preconceived ideas essential to invoke a concept of thinking..


Open mind willing for open discussion intrinsic to the concept of any science or philosophical philosophy of universal concepts amongst all systems open for discussions.. Acceptance of own self is the open mind intrinsic to the references of all cognitive sciences defining explicit knowledge of our own self .

☆★☆★☆★ Open Mind
Multicultured Own Self☆★☆★

Open Minds if you connected universe Interconnected

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Heart of foreclosure whenever closure

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Foreclosure of a Heart in Love whenever the closure..

The ability to come to terms with unspoken feelings & words.
Have closure makes the Heart content the pain-less painful..
Painless never Love, deepening the wounds by unspoken fellings never filled unspoken words..

Explanations never needed the Heart of acceptance is always needed, words to be spoken, words to be feelings, were the words never spoken.
Content never explained, comtempnt of Hearts, are feelings less of consent, spoken are the words acceptance, never explained..

Love the endearment of the heart unfulfilled unexplained never words spoken feelings unexplained contempt of Love’s feelings; content is never the heart’s, unspoken unexplained, every Heart gives no closure of unspoken, acceptance of the terms.

Unfulfilled closure of the Hearts needed explanation, acceptance never pondering the Hearts of acceptance. Spoken are the words feelings unspoken by the Hearts questions words never to be fulfilled the feelings excuses…

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